Name: Baby Grok
Symbol: BabyGrok
Total: supply 420,000,000,000,000,000
Address: 0xf5b339d3912d5c72e16440b63a9c1df6024de93c


What is BABY GROK ?

BABY GROK goes beyond being just a meme coin; it's a cosmic pioneer, a tiny astronaut exploring the uncharted territories of decentralized finance. Our mission is to infuse the crypto cosmos with a sense of wonder and discovery while creating tangible value for our cosmic hodlers.


Become a BABY GROK owner

  1. Install MetaMask
    Metamask is your passport to the Ethereum. After installing, connect your MetaMask wallet to ETH.
  2. Buy ETH and send to MetaMask
    Purchase ETH on Ethereum or another exchange. Then withdraw the ETH to your MetaMask address.
  3. Swap ETH for BABY GROK on Uniswap
    Specify the BABY GROK contract address: 0xf5b339d3912d5c72e16440b63a9c1df6024de93c
    You may need to increase slippage in Settings. Make sure to leave a small amount of ETH for network fees!
  4. Enjoy your BABY GROK!
    To view your new pups in MetaMask, click Add Token and enter the BABY GROK contract address. Enjoy!
Buy BABY GROK on Uniswap
BABY GROK to the moon

Explore the cosmos of crypto cuteness with BABY GROK – To Infinity and Beyond!

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